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DocPress makes it ridiculously easy to export Google Docs to WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, and Medium. Within seconds!

Our Features

Exporting content from Google Docs to the CMS you use can be extremely time consuming. DocPress saves you from all the hassle, within clicks!

Save time by collaborating with your team on Google Docs and export directly on WordPress.

Focus to produce quality content and forget about the hassle to format again in WordPress.

Scale growth by utilizing your saved time and resources into promotion and other aspects of business!

How It Works

DocPress provides seamless integration to export Google Docs to your CMS!

Finish Your Document

Write and format your article in Google Docs.

Login and Export

Launch DocPress and export your Google Docs to WordPress.​

Go Live

Add meta description, tags and make final changes to publish on WordPress!

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$ 0
  • Unlimited export to one site for 7 days.


$ 1000
  • Unlimited export to as many sites as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocPress?

DocPress is a productivity tool that helps to export Google Docs to your CMS without needing to re-format any part of the content again on WordPress.

Do you Have a Free Plan?

Yes, we do. We have a 7 day free plan where you can export unlimited Google Docs to one WordPress site.

Can I publish Directly To WordPress From DocPress?

No. Content that you export to WordPress are saved as Drafts. You’re required to add alt tags to your images, add any meta information, and select a featured image before publishing.

Do you support html tables?

Yes, we do.

How To Link My Website With DocPress?

We authenticate your Google Account through Gmail and list all Google Docs you’ve access to on DocPress. You are required to enter your credentials for your WordPress site where you want to export your content to.

What heading tags Does DocPress Support?

We support H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 heading tags.

How many WordPress Sites Can I connect To?

You can connect to one website on the free plan and export content for 7 days. 

Our paid plan allows you to export unlimited Google Docs to unlimited websites.

I can't connect to my WordPress Site. What's Wrong?

Some WordPress security plugins block third-party access to your website. Email us and we’ll help you setup DocPress and connect to your website.

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